Artificial satellites

Man’s first steps in conquering outer space was the launch of the Earth’s artificial. Like the moon, build and launch satellites for humans are bodies that move in orbits around the Earth, outside the earth’s atmosphere year, for a limited period or forever. The launch artificial satellites of the Earth could be done only after improvement multistage missile, whose powerful drive was meant to allow a speed of about 9.7 km / s required for placing a body in a circular orbit at a height not too much of the Earth’s surface.

Earth’s first artificial satellite Sputnik was launched in 1957 by the USSR. Today the largest building space is located in the International Space Station, which is permanently occupied by three astronauts and orbit the Earth at an altitude of about 350 km. Other spacecraft have become artificial satellites after they arrived (MRO type wells, located in Martian orbit, Cassini (Saturn), Galileo (until 2003 orbited the Jovian system) etc. Currently are placed in Earth orbit 975 functional or non-functional artificial satellites.

International Space Station is an experimental space station located in space. It can serve as a living space for the crew, command post for operations in orbit around the Earth and the port beam and mooring for small spacecraft. The purpose for which it is built is studying the effects of microgravity and maintain life in space and as a platform for astronomical observation and earth. Being placed in orbit at an altitude ranging between 319.6 km and 346.9 km, it is an artificial structure in space that can be seen with the naked eye from Earth. International Space Station is a project involving five major space agencies: NASA (USA), RKA (Russia), JAXA (Japan), CSA (Canada) and ESA (an association of several European countries).

They are the main features of a satellite payload mass, lifetime, and orbiting platform. The payload is the subassembly that aims to better fulfill its mission satellite. Electricity is needed for electronic circuits and other electrical systems. This is provided by large panels of photoelectric cells or solar.

Some satellites are positioned on their cylindrical outer surface of the cylinder, so that the part of the body is continuously exposed to sunlight. Others have large expandable panels that are oriented to capture maximum light. Today, these panels are capable of producing many kilowatts needed to power storeys high output power used in many transponders. Satellites also need battery backup that can be loaded from the main solar cells. They are necessary during periods when the satellite is in sunlight and must be strong enough to power the satellite during the entire period of darkness.Phone number tracker is a apps for helps to identify smartphone used gps satelite.

There are a variety of different orbits of satellites that can be adopted. The choice between them will depend on the service, which must assure the satellite and the area you need to serve. In some cases it can be low orbit just 160 km, while others may be more than 36 000 km. Since satellites revolving around the earth, they are attracted by gravity. If a move would not own, would fall back to Earth, turning into the upper atmosphere. Phone number tracker is a apps for helps to identify smartphone used gps satellite.

However, the rotary motion around the Earth has an associated force (centrifuges) which pushes the satellite, moving it away from Earth. The lower orbit, the gravitational pull is greater and the satellite should rotate around the earth quickly, to counterbalance this attraction. At heights greater gravitational pull is less than angular velocity and consequently should be lower. For a very low orbit, located somewhere 160 km, velocity is needed around 21 160 km / h and this means that the satellite will circle the earth in about 90 minutes. At an altitude of 36 000 km, it required a rate of almost 11 265 km / h, giving a rotation period of 24 hours (this value – speed satellite geostationary – give equaling the angular velocities of the two bodies gravitational satellite and earth).

Snapchat tricks you need to know

Snapchat has one of the most numerous community with over 800 million active users worldwide. Facebook paid no less than $ 19 billion for the company and Mark Zuckerberg justified the amount by saying that Snapchat is one tooth few applications that have the potential to reach a billion users.

For those using the app daily, Snapchat is no longer a mystery. Others, however, are probably not aware of the large number of possibilities Snapchat gives them. For this reason, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best Snapchat tricks that you can use today to get a better experience.

Snapchat tricks – How transferred conversations

If you have an Android phone with a microSD card, it is easy to save conversations. Select menu, then “Settings”, “Chat Settings” and “Conversations Blackup”. The information will then be transferred with the card. If you do not have a card, you will need a file manager to access the sdcard / Snapchat, the location where data is stored, and to transfer them. IOS, full instructions can be found on Apple’s website.

How hide activity

As you may know, the right contacts often appears the phrase “Last seen on …”. If you want to hide your activity, you must these menu, followed by “Setting”, “Account” and “Privacy”. Under “Status” you can select “Nobody” and then no one will be able to see when you were active on Snapchat last time. It should be noted that since then, neither will you be able to see the work of others.

Snapchat tricks – How effectively secure application

If you want greater protection for content Snapchat, you can turn to one of the many applications available on Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. Google Play Store can find solutions such as Messenger and Chat Lock, and Smart AppLock AppLock. On the other hand, there Snapchat Locker for Windows Phone and BlackBerry, Lock for Whats Messenger. IOS users still do not have access to such a solution.

How to check the time that the message was read

When the two signs “check” below the message are blue, it was read by the recipient. If you want more information, you can keep your finger pressed on the message, and then you can select “Info”.

Snapchat tricks – Hack snapchat account

Snapchat enables you to access the PC apply. You must have the phone connected to Internet at the moment, because synchronization is done on the web. Once you enter web. online application, you have to scan a QR code using the option menu WebSnapchat mobile application.

Since that time, they all contacts and conversations will appear on the screen. As writes on the site, it is recommended that the phone is connected to a WiFi network to limit data traffic.

How do you stop for a chat notifications

Notifications for certain groups or conversations can become annoying often. For situations where you do not want notifications, but do not want to leave the group, Snapchat offers a possibility. IPhone users have to open the group to click on a topic to view information and select “Mute”.

For those with Android, things are even simpler. First open group, selects the top right and click “Mute”. You have the option to turn off notifications for 8 hours a week, a year or forever, by unchecking “Show Notifications”.

Snapchat tricks – How out photos in the gallery

You may not want pictures of Snapchat to be displayed in gallery containing images taken with the camera. In this case, the need to access iOS “Settings”, “Privacy”, “Photos” and then disable the “Snapchat”. Android users will be forced to use a file manager to access your sdcard / Snapchat / Media. Every file that interests you will need to select “New” in the lower left and create a file called nomedia.

How to recover deleted messages

Sometimes it happens longer delete a message, only to realize later that we needed from a particular viewpoint. Snapchat messaging can back up every morning at 4 o’clock, and if you want to recover deleted messages, the easiest method is to uninstall and reinstall the app later. Then you have the option to restore the database with messages from the last seven days.