Technology and Contemporary Society

Technology and Contemporary Society

The most important role in influencing contemporary life it holds today undisputed technolog. Power technological environment has become so obvious that people felt all the crushing pressure in daily life from a system integrator. Life is substituted by a terror of being enveloped efficiency. In this context, the mystery of identity and dignity is compromised. Interpretation system implications of technology and its influence on human life was busy in the past century French sociologist Jacques Ellul.

Born in Bordeaux on January 6, 1912, Jacques Ellul is a visionary intuition and explicit authority profound implications of current technology. He taught sociology at the Faculty of Law, University of Bordeaux and the Institute of Political Studies. He wrote more than 50 books on topics of sociology, standing out as a Christian thinker who criticized the company’s current technological system. He died in the same city on May 19, 1994 French.

Ellul noted the work translated and published in English, The Technological Society, in 1964, published in French, La Technique, the original edition in 1954. Quoting Marx, Jacques Ellul changes the perspective and shows that the center of the civilized world is not capital, but the technique. French thinker exceeds instrumentalist perspective and that of social determinism, showing that technology can not be reduced to an instrument or a result of social interactions. Integrated technology includes all rational models in generating an operational system built by rationality, with maximum efficiency in all fields.

Ellul advancing his representative Technological Society The two theses: the first refers to the fact that technology holds the most important role in influencing contemporary life, the second assumes that current technology is clearly distinguishable from the traditional technique, having almost nothing to do with it. Besides rationality and artificiality of current technology, Ellul proposes five features for this: automatism (ineffective methods are eliminated, remaining a dominant one that generates maximum efficiency); self-development (automatic generation of technological innovations); monism (the technology is not custom, but becomes a reality in a system integrator established as a network); universalism (both spatially, through globalization, and qualitatively in the sense that the reality of life is subject to technical efficiency manifested in reticular system); autonomy (the novelty is decisive current technology, ensuring its dominance in all areas of life. From this perspective, Ellul show that no one can speak of control of economic, social, political or religious about technology). These features are resumed, developed and refined by Ellul in The Technological System, published in 1980 (this synthesis focused ideas meaningful interpretation proposed by Ellul against technology can be found with additional information Encyclopedia of Science Technology and Ethics, coordinated Carl Mitcham, Thomson Gale, USA, 2005 volume 1, pp. 606-608. at the same time, aspects of life and Ellul’s thought can be found in the book Living the Word; Resisting the World. the life and thought of Jacques Ellul, written Andrew J. Goddard, Carlisle, UK, 2002).

For an analysis of how technology was structured in a technological system is significant follow Ellul highlights the manner in which this complex metamorphosis. For the man in today’s society no need for a thorough analysis of the implications of technological system, since he lives daily, constantly and in various forms with this consciousness that is part of such a system. Power system technology has become so large and obvious that each of us, regardless of the industry, we feel a crushing pressure in daily life from a system integrator. The current technology is not restricted to a gear structured solely by technological factors, but also requires an environment that integrates various procedures, regulations, directives, organizational sequences structured by practicing a rationality operators, with the decisive motivation efficiency. Life is substituted by a terror of being enveloped efficiency. Being efficient means doing something. In this context, the mystery of identity and dignity is compromised.